I speak low but I'm like a lion roarin' (tripoverthings) wrote in thequestionclub,
I speak low but I'm like a lion roarin'

every christmas my family has a big get-together. the last 3 years it's been at my mom's house. we each usually bring something food-ish, like a potluck.

2 christmases ago, my uncle's girlfriend brought a platter of veggies and dip. at the end of the night she repackaged all the veggies and even asked my mom if she could borrow a tupperware type container to take the dip back home in. everyone else left whatever was left of what they'd brought.

then this past christmas, my cousin jessica had brought a plate of crackers and different types of cheese. and at the end of the night she put all the crackers back in the box and had even brought a loose sheet of plastic wrap to wrap the cheese back up in and took it all home with her. again, she was the only one.

so here's my question:
is it just me and my mom, or is that really rude and completely bad manners? where i come from, you bring something for a potluck, you leave with nothing but the container, no matter how much is left.

are my mom and i just being weird? is this acceptable behavior? or is it as rude as we think it is?

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