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A question for all you dog people out there . . .

My parents have an Airdale who is just about a year old. We went on vaction for 6 days (just got home) and so they put the dog at a really nice kennel. They don't allow the dogs to play together (legal reasons), but they take each dog out to play at least 5 times a day so he was getting exercise and whatnot.

Anyway, when my parents picked him up they said that he was very very well behaved and everyone loved him and he played very nice and blah blah blah, BUT he did not eat all week. He ate 1 or 2 milkbones on the first day, but NOTHING after that. They even made him a chicken breast and he wouldn't eat that either.

The people at the kennel said this is very unusal and that they can't take him for so long again becuase not eating is too big a liability or something. What is wierd is that our last dog wouldn't eat while we were away either, but we attributed that to the fact that we didn't go on any extended vacations (more than a weekend) until he was pretty old. But our current dog is only a year old!

Any ideas on why he wouldn't eat or how to get him to eat if we go on another vacation sometime? Do you know any other dogs who do this? Is it really that unusual?

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