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Amazon Marketplace Question

When a someone sells something at Amazon Marketplace, is a chunk of the grand total paid to Amazon? Or does the entire total, including shipping, paid to the seller?

I ask because I've had trouble with a few things not arriving and each time, the seller has refunded me the complete total paid. But now, for the first time, a seller has told me that she will only refund the amount she received, not the amount paid.

I really don't think that's right, after all...I didn't get the product. And I'm not even sure of the validity of this story. I've tried to find the answer at Amazon...but I think I'm looking in the wrong places.

I need to know because it will mean the difference between filing a claim with Amazon within the next 30 days, or trusting the seller for several months as she works with her post office to track down this package (it's a rare dvd that normally sells for a lot of money and this one was I'm really hoping to find it.)

Thanks in advance!

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