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Boring backstory: I now have a job where I can listen to music, and I'm quickly running out of it. I can't use any program because my computer can't handle lotus notes and 97 access at the same time already, so online radio stations are out. I do have an mp3 cd player so I can burn (legally of course) 300+ songs on a cd.

Anyway, I want to make a cd with pretty songs on it. Stuff like Belle and Sebastien and pretty much any song in Scrubs or Garden State. I'd like it to have soft vocals and acoustic guitar or piano as the main instrument. I'd also like to know what specific songs by that artist you like best. I know pretty much nothing about new/indie type music, so recommend whatever you want.

1. So, any recommendations for artists? Which songs?

2. Have you come across things that have textures that annoy you?

There are some packagings that feel like sandpaper to me and I avoid certain shampoos because of the way the bottle feels. My biggest pet peeve is people rubbing their hands together. There are lots of fabrics I can't wear either. I'm curious if that's normal or if I'm hypersensitive.
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