Angela (aint2nuts) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have been seperated from my husband for a long time. (6 years) We tried to get back together about a year ago, but it didn't work, the feelings just weren't there.

So in March, I am taking my kids on a vacation to Disneyland. My husband wants to bring along his fiance to interact with the kids and spend time with us.

I don't want to spend time with her. At all. I am okay with him taking off with the kids for part of a day, with his fiance so they can get to know her. He wants me there to get to know her.

My question.

Would you want to spend the day with your stb-ex and his fiance and your kids?

He doesn't understand my not wanting to get to know someone who will be a primary caregiver of the kids when they have visitations with him. (He has never had them for visitation, but thinks that will change in the future) I said, I can see spending an hour with her, but not a day.
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