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Girl Concerns

I've got myself in a really tough position.

First, there's a girl I'm seeing and she's an ex of mine. She isn't doing well with her husband and marriage. The problem is I can't trust her to not betray me by sleeping with some other guy especially when she has done it several times while she is/was married. The question is, how do I handle this situation?
The reason her and I broke up is because I couldn't trust her. Plus, should I trust her again? Can I trust her to not hurt me emotionally again?

Second there's a girl at work and we've had problems in the past. She wants us to be nice and not negative towards each other. It seems like she wants to maybe hang out again like we did in the past. The question is, can I trust her again? Can I trust her to not use me, lie to me, and/or hurt me emotionally again? Is she wanting to keep us as just work buddies, to where I can only see her at work, or are we gonna be able to hang out by going out for dinner, go see movies, ect.?

Warning!!! I have a very big problem trusting girls because I have been hurt so bad I couldn't trust them even if she was telling the truth.
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