Natasja (natticus420) wrote in thequestionclub,

my old roomates live in this really old duplex appt. it was actually not that bad when we had moved in ( I moved out now but they still live there) but now the walls are cracking, theres huge cracks close to the ceiling and it looks like the floors are sinking in and the door barely shuts anymore because its not leveled! they obviously didn't do it. i'm not sure if it was because of the weather or not, but it wasn't something that they could of done by hitting the walls or jumping on the floor.

so my question is, do you think they should call the landlord? which is a dick and never fixes anything?
should they report it to rentalsman or whatever because it might be unsafe?

and if they do report it to rentalsman, do you think they would make living arrangements for them until they find another appt? 

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