Susan (suzermagoozer) wrote in thequestionclub,

plz to help me celebrate with questions!


my husband's birthday is this week.
for christmas i wrote a bunch of short lovey notes, favorite movie quotes, quotes about love and lyrics from songs we love.

So, he has recently become very interested in the question club.
I want to fill another jar with questions we can both answer.

What are some good questions I can use to fill a jar?
--maybe some of the best questions you can recall from TQC?
--maybe some good questions to help us reflect on life and whatnot?

fun facts:
-he will be 42
-his name is chuck
-we have been married 2.5 years
-he loves sports, especially the broncos and the yankees
-he loves bruce springsteen
-he is very interested in politics & news
-he golfs loves the idea of fishing, but doesn't fish much
-he is currently job hunting like a big dog so we can move
-he is spending the next 20 hours or so in airports trying to get home, yay snow!
-we want kids
-we want to own a dog some day
-we dream about our future home
-no iPod questions plz, he is having a hard time with the shuffle :)
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