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Random questions.

1. If you have specialized comments, what do yours say?
2. Which sock do you put on first, the right or the left?
3. When do you know you need to buy more toilet paper? What kind do you buy? And what kind don't you like to buy?
4. (I'd say girls, but some guys have long hair as well)
Can you french braid your own hair?
5. If I gave you two sharp pencils could you put your hair up into a bun with them?
6. Say I give you a picture to color and a box of the following, which do you choose to color it with? Markers, crayons, chalk, colored pencil?
7. Ever draw with chalk on a sidewalk? What did you draw if you did?
8. Has anyone else reached that perfect shoe slide in their shoe yet, where there's no need to untie your laces to get your feet in, they just slide in without having to untie then retie afterwards?

1.Mine says "Leave a cookie" and "5 cookies".
3. 5 Rolls. I ran out too many times when I lived at home. I buy either Scotts or Northern. I'm afraid to buy Charmin after my mother said she broke out in a rash, which was not only more than I had wanted to know, but also something I'd rather not have. Anywhere.
4. Yep. I can't hold it up with Bobby Pins though, I have to use a scrunchy.
5. It took me a while to master this one in high school, but I managed. It just sucks when your hair snags on a splinter of the wood.
6. Depending on the size of the image, if it has enough room I'd use crayons, if it's a detailed image, colored pencils.
7. 12th Grade my art class escaped from evil art teacher, went outside and drew with chalk all over the sidewalk and parking lot. Then it started raining, which washed some of it away.
8. Yeah finally, but it most likely means I'm going to have to buy a new pair of shoes soon.
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