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Totally weird.

I checked on the Winamp help site, but I have no idea what I'd even be looking for, and a glance there doesn't show me anything useful.


I recently upgraded my Winamp to 5.33 from 5.24, and I believe this is the first time I've played the file in question with the new version. Video file. It still plays properly. It has a specific name, obviously, and in all of the properties I check, both in Winamp and just as a file, the name is the same.

Then why is a new name for the file suddenly appearing in my playlist when I play the file in Winamp? A name that has never been associated with it before, that isn't anywhere associated with the file in any of the properties?

I did virus and spyware scans to be safe, came up with nothing, and this is also a file that I've had on my computer for about six months, and it has been in my playlist since then, so it would be weird that it would rename itself in the Winamp playlist, and have that name not show up anywhere else besides the playlist - right-clicking "View file info" only gives me the name of what the file is supposed to be, same if I go look at the file in its respective folder.

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