Tiki (tikigoddess8) wrote in thequestionclub,

this really pisses me off - does it piss you off too? though i doubt it does, most people in most communities are like this. *shrug*

i hate it when someone posts something they think is really cool and interesting, and prompty someone comments with "dude that was posted 27 posts ago, get with it, you moron". or "yeah, we all totally already know that". chill out guys! just skim past the entry and move on with your life! it took you longer to make that comment than it would have to just go on to the next item on your friends list. i just think its rude is all, especially if the poster is a newbie who hasnt read every other post ever made in that community. if it was mentioned in the post right before it, i can somewhat understand people's annoyance. but when it was posted over 20 or 30 posts ago, just skip over it and move on. sheesh!

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