Nicole (ex_whatsthe) wrote in thequestionclub,

Our two dogs are beginning to fight all the time in a really vicious way. One of them will get pissed off, and next thing we know they're snarling and attacking each other. My dog is about 50 pounds less than the other dog, so needless to say, he loses. He has claw marks all over his stomach from the other dog- and the smaller one is normally the one that starts it! You'd think he'd learn to stop after we had to pry her off his neck several times. :-\

It's completely random. One will walk past the other and, next thing you know, they're going crazy. I'm really freaked that one of them is going to get seriously hurt. We keep them separated 90% of the time. They're fine during 7% of the rest, but the other 3%... not so much...

They've grown up with each other- he's about two, and she just turned one. This just started about a month ago. They're both fixed. I just feel like moving out with my dog because I'm so worried about this.

What the fuck is causing this, and what can we do to stop it?
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