Killer Queen (cake_n_bacon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Killer Queen

Do you call your SO any silly pet names for no reason?
Sometimes I call my boyfriend my squishy, no reason, I just think it sounds cute.

Hypothetical situation time go!
Someone you used to be friends with always cheats in their relationships. They claim to have been pregnant several times, but it's never with the person they're in a relationship with, only with whoever they cheated with that time. This person has a history of manipulating and lying to people to gain sympathy and enjoys being a victim because of all of the attention they get. A few years after whatever falling out that ended the friendship, you hear that they were caught in the act of cheating in their most recent relationship and were kicked out. Even more, they keep asking for money from the ex that kicked them out to abort the baby they say is the ex's.

Do you feel any pity for this person?
Why or why not?
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