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I just might stop to check you out

1. Does anyone know when the series Gossip Girl is starting to air?

2. Would you be mad if your significant other got something pierced without telling you?
Would it depend on the piercing?
Would it just be the principle of them not telling you?

3. Whats your favorite lotion/hand cream?

4. What time did you go to bed last night?

5. Whats your favorite Goldfish flavor!

My answers:
1. I dont know, but I cant wait.
2. I think piercings are really hot, I would be kinda sad that they didn't tell me, because I would have gone with them ;)
3. The Bath&Body Works "shea it aint so" hand cream. Its amazing. I dont think they make it anymore :(
4. 4:30 in the freiking morning. I hate teething SO MUCH.
5. Original !!
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