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Easter goodies

Right, I know there was a TQC christmas exchange, I didn't participate coz duh, different country, think of the postage! :P
However, I am now suggesting an Easter* goodies exchange - specifically for those in different countries. It is mostly inspired by all the talk of marshmallow peeps. I got a friend to tell me what the hell they were and now I think it would be fun to send people in America\Oz/Europe British Easter treats, like Creme Eggs and get American/Australian\European stuff in return, just to see what it is like. I think it would be fun. Though I could well be doing with getting a life! :p
So what do you say, oh mighty TQC?

* I mean easter = excuse for lots of chocolate not Easter = celebrating resurrection of Christ.
Why should non x-tians miss out on all the goodies? Besides bunnies and eggs have WHAT to do with Jesus exactly?
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