Heavily Medicated: & FOR A GOOD CAUSE! MY SANITY! (dwlikeebeinlost) wrote in thequestionclub,
Heavily Medicated: & FOR A GOOD CAUSE! MY SANITY!

Why is my right foot bigger than my left?

Is everyone's like that?

If so, why don't they make the right shoe just a smigde bigger than the left?

I ask cause my left shoes always fit, but my fight shoes are always way snug. In fact, I was wearing a pair of shoes that normally don't hurt my feet, but my 2nd smallest toe was digging into the third toe and omg, hurt. like. HAYL! A blister developed, busted, and then the toe continued to dig into it witch caused even more PAIN!


What makes it WOYSE is that I have GIGANTIC FREAKISH FEETSIES!

I am about 5'6- 5'7 maybe 5'8 and I have SIVE ELEVEN FEET! It's hard enough to FIND size eleven shoes (that aren't gold lemma', silver, or otherwise gawdy as hayl!) that fit nicely, let ALONE find size 11 and a HALF so that my right foot fits too,

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