one by many (zooey) wrote in thequestionclub,
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1. Do you brush and floss as often as you should?
2. Do you get dental cleanings every six months?

I've always had an aversion to tooth brushing/flossing. I don't mind the process of it, and I feel much better after being a good person and actually making myself do it, but I hate trying to muster up the motivation. Despite this, my dentist always used to comment about the fabulous condition of my teeth. I never had a cavity until this past year, and it was between my bottom molars.
Really, I just cycle through spurts. Sometimes I'm very diligent, but most of the time I'm lucky if I remember to brush them before I go to class. I'm addicted to Trident. This winter was the first time I've ever missed a six month appointment. I'm a little sad about it, since my hygienist and I always have fabulous chats and she is excellent at not knicking my gums.

3. Do teeth disgust you and/or do you judge people by their teeth?
4. Have you ever had braces?

My roommate absolutely cannot stand people with bad teeth. I put up with them to an extent... If they're bad, though, they're bad. I used to absolutely hate my teeth until I had braces in high school. They're not perfect and they still annoy me, but at least I don't have a huge gap between my front teeth anymore.

5. I used to think that my gums bled because I didn't floss enough, but after years of increasingly compulsive oral hygiene there was no improvement. Then I found out that I have a mild clotting disorder, for which one of the symptoms is gums that bleed easily. And here I thought I was going to be the first ten year old to have dentures because of gingivitis. Did any of you have similar fears when you were younger?

Pretty much the cheesiest picture I could include. It's 2:00AM and I'm easily amused.
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