thenablessed (thenablessed) wrote in thequestionclub,

1.  What's your favorite joke/funny story?

Mine is this:
A woman had three daughters.  All of them were virgins, and they all got married at the same time.  The woman was a bit worried about how her daughters would handle having sex for the first time, so she asked them to send her something while they were on their honeymoons to let her know how they were doing.

A week passed, and the woman got mail from her first daughter.  Inside there was an advertisement for a brand of cigarettes that said "Extra long".  The woman was a little embarrassed, but she was glad that her daughter was enjoying herself.

Another week passed, and the woman got mail from her second daughter.  Inside was an advertisement for coffee:  "Good to the last drop".  Again, the woman was a bit embarrassed but was happy that her daughter was happy.

A month passed with no word from the third daughter.  Finally, just as the woman was getting really worried, she got mail.  Inside was another advertisement, this time for an airline.  It said, "Three times a day, seven days a week, both ways."  The woman fainted.

Ok, so it's kinda tame nowadays, but I still think it's funny. :)

2.  What's your favorite quote, and where is it from?  (Including books, movies, comics, or even stuff that someone said at one point.)
I have a hundred and one favorite quotes, but I'm gonna hafta go with this one, from the TV show House:  "You talk to God, you're religious.  God talks to you, you're psychotic."
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