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Etiquette and Inheritance question

My husband's paternal grandfather died about a year ago and my husband's father was the executor of his estate. Several months after he died, my husband's Dad found an account that hadn't been previously mentioned with money the grandfather had put away for his grandchildren. So, my father-in-law withdraws the money and cuts my husband, his two sisters, and his two cousins checks for about $1,500 each.

When we recieved it in the mail, my husband expressed surprise and gratitude toward his grandfather. But he really never said anything to his Dad beyond that he got the check.

Months pass...Today I find out from my husband's stepmother that his Dad is upset that only the oldest sister thanked him for the money. My husband, his other sister, and his cousins did not. I didn't think you were supposed to thank the executor of the deceased's estate for you're inheritance since technically it comes from the person who died.

What's right? Should he thank his Dad or is his Dad being weird? My husbands stepmother thinks they (my husband, his other sister, his cousins) are very ungrateful. I just wanted to know what was polite or whatever when a person recieves inheritance money. My husband is grateful he got the money, but the gratitude he feels is toward his grandfather.

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