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Weird question: I think I want to be a veterinarian. My question is, can you get used to observing (and eventually performing) surgery? I did an internship with a vet this summer and found the surgeries to be very interesting but they did churn my stomach...Once, for no reason that I could figure out, I felt really sick all of a sudden and had to go outside and sit with my head between my knees for several minutes. I'd felt fine through most of it, so it was kind of weird. I never saw a surgery that didn't cause me discomfort, but I didn't see too many and they did get better...Is there hope for me? Most people I've talked to said you can get used to it, but some say that it's in you or it's not. (I know I wouldn't be able to watch surgery on humans, but animals doesn't bother me nearly as much.)

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