nowhere man (noattentionspan) wrote in thequestionclub,
nowhere man

does it bother you when you read someone's friends list and notice that you have been filtered out of it?
or are you better than that?

would you rather go to a mediocre college in an awesome city or a really good college in a mediocre city?

do you eat oranges by cutting them up or peeling them and pulling them apart?

for prom, i'm putting together the dress in some sort of psuedo-victorian/edwardian style (only with a red & black color scheme). the top is a black satin corset and i'm going to replace the laces in the back with red satin ribbon. the skirt i'm going to make... should it be a bustle skirt or a full skirt (can't be both, too ridiculous)? I CAN'T DECIDE! AHHH!!! not that you can decide for me, it's just driving me nuts.

ok ONLY answer the following question if you have been to BOTH europe and the united states: which did you like better and why? and where are you from?

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