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Mac Attack!

So I just downloaded BitTorrent so that I could view the Grey's Episode that was posted on the greys_eps comm. My first question to you is:

1. (okay, number the question is redundant...) When you are using a torrent downloader, does it interfere with your internet connection? And do you know any solutions?

It seems to be interfering with mine. My msn messages are not sent and my pages are absurdly slow to load.
My specs: MacBook, OSX 10.4.8 , msn for Mac (whatever the latest version it), AirPort WiFi connected to my (unprotected) Linksys Wireless G router and Safari as an explorer; BitTorrent for Mac.

2. If you use MSN/Windows Live Messenger for Mac, what kind of issues do you encounter?

When I add contacts, they are not added until the other person sends me a message or they take a few minutes to show up. Also, adding groups is slow and transferring contacts between them suffers some sort of time-lag. Also, sometimes I get a "this screen name is not appropriate" or something similar kind of message. That happened on the windows version too...

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