Stephanie-Ann (joongloom) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I leave for England in June and I've been thinking about it more and more now, my dad has this friend who went to England on a work visa for a few months to work, and live, she's not a british citizen like i am, but she has experience, where i've never lived there. For the past three years i've put off talking to her, i wanted to deal with my plans myself, but now that i've quit my job, and im unemployed and no more income is coming in, i feel like i want to talk to her about living there, about finding a job there, i mean..i could live on £9000/year because that would cover my budget for rent, and would give me £250/month for groceries and things.

(1) Do you guys think I should talk to her?
(2) Have any of you moved from the United States, or from Canada to England? Ireland? Scotland? Wales?
(3) For those of you who live in Belfast, are jobs readily available? I was considering Belfast for a while
(4) Do you have any advice for me?  


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