Don't take it so bad (heysweetannie) wrote in thequestionclub,
Don't take it so bad

I recently posted about a friend who has an eating disorder.
She told me today that she wants to start some kind of therapy and get on Zoloft because she's depressed. She has never ever seemed depressed to me- I know its definitely possible, especially given whatever emotional problems she has with this eating disorder- but I was very surprised when she told me.
It got me to thinking:
Is weight loss a side effect of Zoloft?

EDIT: Okay, I have determined that weight loss is a side effect. Now I want to know (especially if you have had experience with the drug): is it a pronounced enough side effect to make someone want to take it for the purpose of losing weight?
I mean, you can lose weight on hormonal birth control, too, which is probably easier to get. Do you think that realistically she might want to take it for weight loss purposes?

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