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I was at Starbucks, trying (apparently in vain) to ask the husband if he was coming to meet me at Starbucks or the grocery store. Twas in vain, for he had already left, and my phone is a bitch and doesn't always show me his AIM status. :/

Anywho, whilst sitting there and contemplating if I should just cross the street to get our groceries, this couple came in with a baby in a stroller. First thought, young family. Then they sat down and started talking, and I figured they were on a first date, and for some reason the lady brought her baby along?

After a little bit more eavesdropping, which wasn't hard since she was loud enough to hear down the street, it seemed to be a custody battle of some sort. He was so quiet, saying he didn't think she was taking care of the baby good enough, and she kept freaking out, saying the baby was taken care of, cuz OTHER PEOPLE bought her everything she needed. Okay then.

It kept going on, but I'm already worried I've said too much, and there's always the chance one of them comes across this. ;P

1- If you were having big family issues, would you take the argument to a public forum, or keep it quiet and at home, or in a courtroom, or anywhere BUT in a public place? Why?

2- If you saw a grown pair of adults (or group) start to fight to the point of seeming ready to be violent in public, what would you do, if anything?

3- What's the worst thing you've said/done in public that likely got you stares?

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