JohhnyMayhem (johhnymayhem) wrote in thequestionclub,

Erm. I've been defecating and uh, flatulating far more than usual lately. Used to be that I'd defecate once every other day.. lately I've been going about twice a day. And I used to hardly flatulate at all, if ever. Now I'm doing seemingly all the damn time.. Thankfully I work alone most of the time.. but occasionally I get around people and man it's embarassing. Thankfully it's not loud.. not so thankfully it's a nuclear SBD (silent but deadly).

... Should I be worried?

Oh, forgot to mention, my diet hasn't really changed, so I don't know what gives. And I'm trying not to think much of it.. but I'm just wondering wtf is going on. It's getting to be pretty damned annoying. And I'm not really stressed out either. So.. I dunno.

ETA: The flatulence seems to occur nearly right after eating. Which I find odd. Like I wasn't really farting at all.. but I started eating a bowl of cereal, which is pretty standard for me, and it's starting up again.

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