Corrine (corrrine) wrote in thequestionclub,

If you are an animal rights activist (or if you want to imagine you are), are you more outraged by the meat industry or by animal research? Why?

I'm taking a research methods class for psychology and the other day a few people in my class were acting completely outraged and appalled by animal research and how terrible is. I know for a fact these people are meat eaters and I just found it incredibly hypocritical. In my opinion, the meat industry is more harmful because of the sheer quantity of animals who are effected by it and the fact that does not seem to be as rigorously controlled as the scientific community (all the ethical boards, etc).

I also see an animal's sacrifice as more justifiable and noble if it is to better scientific understanding than if they were just a tasty meal.

I am a vegetarian and was vegan for about a year for health and personal ethics, but I don't consider myself extremely well informed. My opinions are based on my general understanding.

What are your opinions?

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