manicgummibear (manicgummibear) wrote in thequestionclub,

1) How do you 'let someone down' when they have romantic feelings toward you and you don't feel the same way?

2) Who was the first person you expressed feelings like that to? Who first expressed that they had those feelings for?

3) Can a relationship between someone who is sexually active and has been for sometime and someone who isn't and doesn't plan to become so any time soon work?

4) Why do so many cultures focus on virginity or lack thereof? If society didn't put so much emphasis on it, would people experience less regret and heartache?

5) People often accuse me of being flirtatious and 'leading people on' when I don't like them 'in that way'. In my view, I'm just being friendly. I don't say anything sexual or suggestive when I speak to people. How do you define flirting?

6) This is completely random, but: Do you think that TV shows about fictional crimes make it seem like the number of rape victims who are actually false reporters is much greater that it actually is? It just seems to me that a lot of episodes of Law & Order: SVU, CSI, or other crime procedural show has a plot twist where OMG THE RAPE VICTIM WAS LYING AND ISN'T A VICTIM! SHE WAS ACTUALLY EVIL AND CONNIVING.

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