Don't take it so bad (heysweetannie) wrote in thequestionclub,
Don't take it so bad

So last night I was with some friends at Perkins. One of my friends is friends with our waiter.
On his apron-thing he had a giant button that says "FREE PIECE OF PIE if I don't offer you one". So he brings us our bill and stuff (aside from being friendly he was kind of a crappy waiter.. but whatever, we were at Perkins), and he doesn't offer us pie! So I brought it up.
He said oh, darn, I forgot to offer you one, what kind do you all want?
We all told him, and then he jokingly said, "you know, this comes out of my paycheck".
My friend who was friends with him changed her mind about the pie, and got pissed at me for bringing it up because it comes out of his paycheck!
I wasn't about to change my mind, cause, hey- its his own fault he didn't offer us pie, and I was almost positive that he didn't really have to pay for it.
After he brought us our pie, I said "I'm sorry if you had to pay for these" and he was like, "hey, I was just kidding!".
My friend was still pissed at me, and didn't get pie.

1. Do you think it was okay for me to ask for pie, given the circumstances?
2. Even if it had come out of his check, would it have been okay?

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