Alexi J. Lupin (alexi_lupin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Alexi J. Lupin


For those who live in countries where English isn't the primary language -

1 - Basically, what sort of...connotations or stereotypes, etc relate to the English/American/Australian etc accent in your language?

I mean, you know, to us an Indian accent might sound comical, French or Spanish sound exotic and sexy, to some the British accent (well, the English Received Pronunciation accent) sounds snobby, Asian accents sound a bit harsher...etc. Blanket statements, I know - I can't speak for everyone.

Other questions -

2 - What do you think of the New Zealand accent?

3 - Fave accent?

4 - Hardest accent to understand?

5 - And where are you from? What accent do you have?

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