Liz Morris (lizdean) wrote in thequestionclub,
Liz Morris

Help me out!! Any of you familier with Egypt and/or Model United Nations!?!

Okay, I REALLY need responses ASAP!!! !!

I'm doing high school Model United Nations, and I'm in the OIC (Organization for Islamic Conference) committee (which basically involves every middle eastern country you can think of, even the smaller ones), and my country is Egypt. We met today, and will also meet tomorrow and Saturday.

We started a topic tonight called "Preventing Nuclear Proliferation". That includes ALL nukes including weapons and ones used as an energy source, etc. My question is: How would Egypt feel in this situation?? We've got the nile, and I forget the precentage but I know that well over half of our population (60-70%?) lives right by/near the Nile River, and uses hydro-electric power.

In my commitee I believe that there are two working papers being written, one stating that the entirety of the Middle East should be a nuke-free zone, and in (or over the process of) 13 years all of us disband/give up all of our nukes. I personally don't agree with JUST the middle East giving up their weapons, and they didn't state that if this works then everyone else all over the world would do it too. I also don't agree that if it were done, that it should take an entire 13 years. You never know what could be done in 13 years!!

The other working paper is talking about everyone keeping the nukes and using them not as weapons but as energy. I told them that I would sign for that one, but I really don't believe that that will do much good, or that we would see much change.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Help a poor high school student out!!

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