Erin (icyblue) wrote in thequestionclub,

Shifting Perceptions

It seems all of my questions have to do with my job in one way or another. I teach junior high language arts and I'm doing a unit on media literacy. Here's what I'm looking for, but I have absolutely no idea if it exists. What I want is either of the following options:

1) a video or clip where on first viewing, it seems as though one thing is happening. On second viewing, something is changed, whether it be the music or the camera angle or something similar and the meaning is totally altered.
2) an image where at first glance it seems as though one thing is going on in the shot, but at closer inspection, the viewer sees what's really going on.

This is all to teach about perception and critical viewership.

Do you know if something like this exists? Where could I find it?

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