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hello!!!  couple of questions...

1-has anyone here driven from california to texas or texas to california?  how long did it actually take, taking into account any sightseeing you might have done. it said on google maps that its about a day of non stop driving so does that equate to about 2 days worth of travelling or more like 3?

2-i tried google, but came unsuccesful, what song is this... "its mostly medical, im sorry to inform  you all, the situations critical..." something like that and it goes "hello -clap clap-" at one point of the song.

and a bonus one!!!

3-whats your favorite soda?!
dr. pepper. iono why.  but orange and grape comes in a close second... but if you ever get to try royal true orange [a filipino orange soda] do it. its good. lols.

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