beelso (beelso) wrote in thequestionclub,

I volunteer somewhere two days a week because I'm trying to get experience to get a paid job either here or another similar place. I have a schedule and get credit for that time, and after a certain amount of months for at least a certain amount of hours they give you a recommendation. I'm already over the minimum hours a week, I could be doing one day and get the rec in the same amount of time. Even if I volunteered 5 days a week I wouldn't be able to get the recommendation any quicker. Anyway, the supervisor where I volunteer was upset when he realized I wasn't scheduled for the next day and one of their paid workers is on vacation so he was all "We'll open the door for you if you want to come in tomorrow!" I'm not sure if he was half-kidding because he was all smiley. I don't know if I'd get credit hours for the day I'm not scheduled for (the volunteer office handles it, not the people I actually work with, not that it would get me a rec any sooner), and I pretty much do the same, tiring job all the paid people do. I knew I didn't have anything important to do during the hours they would want me. If you were me, what would you have done? I got varying comments from people. One said I should've quipped back to the supervisor "If you pay me!" and that would also show again that I want a job. So that was a no. Another no came from someone saying they're trying to take advantage of me. Another said I should go because it looks good to them and maybe they'll hire me when they have a job opening.

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