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Do you have a relative who you don't like to be around? Who you actively avoid? Why?

For me, it's my maternal grandfather. My grandmother used to 'keep him in check', and since she died, he's been of the opinion that he can say and do whatever he wants without consequence. He lives with us now, and whenever I'm in the same room with him and my parents aren't around, he makes rude comments about my weight, my appearance, my clothing, my eating habits, etc..

He also seems to think that general social etiquette doesn't apply to him. He chews with his mouth open, drops food on the floor at the dinner table and then picks it back up and eats it. He's even sneezed into a napkin and then eaten the food that came out of his mouth back out of the napkin. He also stares constantly. My fiance stopped by the other day to give me something and my grandfather was standing by the door staring while I was trying to give my fiance a hug and kiss goodbye. It was awkward and unnerving.

On top of all of that- he had prostate cancer a few years ago, and had to have his prostate removed. He's incontinent now, which doesn't bother me, but he also never changes his Depends. He'll sit for hours in his own urine, not only stinking himself up, but also whatever piece of furniture he's sitting on.

(Disclaimer: I know a lot of people are going to tell me that I'm cruel or insensitve for feeling this way, but the fact is, he knows that what he does is wrong, he simply doesn't care. My mother's called him out on his behaviour before and he told her straight up that he can do whatever he wants, everyone else's feelings be damned.)

Also, what's your favourite, most often worn piece of clothing?

I have a green Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time t-shirt and my boyfriend's fiance's (! it's been almost two months and I still keep forgetting!) black zip-up sweatshirt that I wear as often as I can.

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