the owl & the pussycat (ifancylust) wrote in thequestionclub,
the owl & the pussycat

i love hearing the reasons behind a band's name. these are the only ones i know. i have no idea if any of them are true or just rumors.

belle and sebastian - characters from some children's book i think..?
greenday - they quit high school to form the band or something and after telling the school principal their plans, he responded with, "you're going to succeed when there's a green day in hell."
jimmy eat world - the lead singer, whose name is jim, had a little brother that drew a picture of him eating a globe. underneath the drawing, he wrote "jimmy eat world."
kid rock - after doin' his thaaang, some guy shouted out, "look at that white kid rock!"
limp bizkit - they were stuck on a name and finally one of their friends offered this stupid suggestion. it just stuck.
marilyn manson - he wanted to portray both glamour and horror: marilyn monroe + charles manson.
postal service - the members weren't physically together, so they ended up mailing each other ideas through letters.
righteous brothers - after performing, a marine yelled out, "that was righteous, brothers!"

tell me ones you've heard!


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