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ZOMG another Pan's Labyrinth Q!!!

!!!! Possible Spoilers !!!!!

Soooo continuing talk about Pan's Labyrinth. 

Why are people so quick to jump to the conclusion that in Pan's Labyrinth everything was just a figment of Ophelia's imagination, while in Chronicles of Narnia they are more apt to believe in the fantasy?  

The movie does give hints that it could be either side of the argument.  But for instance, with the Chronicles of Narnia,  people will go right to the conclusion that "Fantasy is real" ( I'm classifying the movies either as both non religious, or both religious, whatever your point of view is ) and that the kids were actually there in Narnia, and that it was a real place, while real life evidence goes to suggest the kids all went on an acid trip ( or other corresponding drug ) together since they never spent real physical time in Narnia.  

Other examples, feel free to tell me what you think between the comparisons. 

1.  The fact that the Captain couldn't see the Faun / The older children not being able to go back into Narnia for not believing in it anymore, or even Lucy not being able to go back because she gets too old. 

2. All the children were living in difficult times. There was a war going on, they were seperated from their real families ( Ophelia's dead father, the Pensives parents ) and they all had fantasy situations happen to them. 

3. In the end of both Pan and Narnia, all of the children die ( In the Final Battle ) and they all go back to their 'fantasy/land' where they were kings/queens/princess

PS. Does it seem like there are fewer posts today than other days?  Are people not at work, or just working?

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