Jax (shadowsync) wrote in thequestionclub,

Telemarketer/Bill Collector Phone Call Cut Off Time?

After what time is it illegial for a telemarketer to call your phone?
After what time is it illegial for a bill collector to call your phone?
What would consitute harrassement from a telemarketer/bill collector?
How do you report a company for breaking these rules, specifically the bill collectors?

I'm dealing with some shady bill collectors now from one of my credit cards and they call me AT LEAST once per day and have gone so far to me being on the phone with a supervisor explaining the situation and trying to work something out and to then hear my call waiting beep and it's another rep from their company calling me. Also they have been calling really late, like tonight I got a call at 8:36pm and when I called right back to say something about the time I got a voicemail cause their offices were closed. I know I owe them money but this is overkill plus the last time I paid them some of the money the very next day they were calling again after a supervisor had promised me that they wouldn't call back for a least a week. I really need to know what laws, there must be at least one, this company is breaking and how I can report them for this.

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