a redhead out of her element (marguerlucy) wrote in thequestionclub,
a redhead out of her element

more childhood goodies

Someone put up some questions about childhood, which are some of my favorite stories:

What is one (or, hell, two!) of "those stories" that your parents (edit: or you) love to tell, or that epitomize your stupid-kid-ness.

I have two favorites. When I was REALLY little, one of my earliest memories is mom putting me down for a nap in her bed, and me putting her red lipstick all over my face, jumping up and down on the bed, and running out to her. I dont remember what I said, but I do remember her being on the phone and turning to me and telling her friend to "hold on" LOL

Also, when I was 4 or 5, I was Pinocchio for halloween. My mom made KICK-ASS costumes (a la the disney version) right down to pantyhose w/the puppet joints drawn on the knees. After a long night of trick or treating which included me slipping all over the place in my mary janes, I went to the bathroom. Upon peeling off my pantyhose, I saw that the puppet joints had drawn thru onto my scrapped knees. And I screamed in horror "MOMMY I'M TURNING INTO A PUPPET!!!!"

okay tell me your stories.
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