stayintru2me (stayintru2me) wrote in thequestionclub,

If you could create any "I love the..." series, what would it be? What segments would you feature on it?

I'm referring to the VH1 "I love the 90s", "I love the 80s", "I love toys" and etc.

The list of VH1 shows already done are: I love the 70s, I love the 80s, I love the 90s, I love the 80s Strikes Back, I love the 90s Part Deux, I love the 80s 3-D, I love Toys, I love the Holidays, I love the 70s: Volume 2.

Or, if you can't think of one you'd like to see... what would you change about one of the ones that's been done?
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