miss erin. (_dreamer1_) wrote in thequestionclub,
miss erin.

1. what kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?
2. do you always use/buy the same kind?
3. how often to your wash your hair?
4. is your hair dyed/highlighted/permed/chemically straightened/blahblahblah?

1. my current collection includes: dove, sunsilk, vo5, finesse, herbal essences, suave & thermasilk.
2. i usually buy dove and sunsilk when i run out, then whatever is on sale... which is why i have the vo5, suave, finesse etc.
i switch it up, one day i'll use dove, the next i'll use sunsilk, next vo5 etc. [in no particular order] i guess it's so my hair doesn't get used to one kind and i don't know if it actually works but i've somehow convinced myself that it makes my hair feel softer.. who knows?
3. i usually wash it every other day because it starts getting greasy. sometimes i skip two days if it's not too bad.
4. it's all natural.

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