Billy Pilgrim (cecilydolce) wrote in thequestionclub,
Billy Pilgrim

1. What was the last thing you learned about your family that shocked you?

2. The last band/album that you've been playing on repeat?

3. The last time you laughed so hard you couldn't breathe?

4. Anyone have a favorite monologue?

5. Along the same line, does anyone have a favorite short/one-act play?

1. That my uncle was a pedophile who abused his own children... yay.

2. My Chemical Romance, specifically the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album.

3. When my friend slipped on my snowy driveway. It's heinously vertical, and she had just been saying "Do you remember the time you fell...?" And then she just faceplanted.

4. The one thing I always wanted to be called was a HOT BITCH. There was something very sexy, very dirty, very Italian about it. I wanted it. I wanted to wake up one morning with some guy and hear him on the phone. Some guy named Jake or Rick. I wanted to lie in bed, leave the sheets draped so that only my thighs were covered. I'd lie there pretending to be asleep, but really I've got arranged so I look takeable. Very takeable. I'll move my hair so that it covers the pillow but still shows my face and I'd lift up my hips so my waist looks smaller just like the photos and I'll listen to this Jake or Rick or Tony guy on the phone, talking to one of his friends. "Hey buddy, how ya doin'? Listen I've got this really hot bitch here. Yea, she steams. Huh? Her name's Ellen, and she looks like a Sophia Loren type. One of those round hot Italians. Nah, met her on the street and just wanted her. I couldn't stay away. So I went up to her and said I've never seen anyone like you, I've never smelled anyone like you, I've never wanted anyone like you, and she just looked at me and smiled. I knew I could touch her and knew once I touched her I'd never leave. Yea, she's really something else. I could get lost in her hair alone, it's so long and it gets everywhere but I want my mouth on it." That's the kind of conversation I imagine. Then this Jake or Rick or Tony guy would come and see me posed like that. Even if he knows it's arranged he'll like it. He'll come in and pull the sheet back and I'll stay still and he'll just look at me and I can feel his eyes, his wanting me, so I'll let out a little moan so he'll know I'm awake. Fuck the personality for a minute. Sometimes I just want to be wanted for the way I walk.

I absolutely love it. It's so fun to perform.

5. Probably Variations on the Death of Trotsky by David Ives. Great play.
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