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1. Did/do you drive to school?
2. What kind of car did/do you drive? What do you like/hate about it?
3. Were your parents the ones that thought "they'll crash their first car so lets get a pile of junk", the ones that thought "aww my precious baby is growing up, lets get them a nice, new car", orrrrr.. did you have to buy your own car? Any other situation? I hope no one was one of those Super Sweet 16 brats.
4. Were/are you embarassed of your car?
5. Did you crash your first car?
6. What do you drive now? If you don't drive or still have your first car, tell me your dream car.

1. Yes, I just started driving to school.
2. I drive a white '92 Buick Skylark. Its in excellent condition except the heater doesn't work. Luckily I live in Florida.
3. My grandparents actually bought my car and decided it wasn't worh paying a bunch of money for a new car that I'll only be driving 6 months before I go to college. 
4. Yes, sometimes its embarassing because my friends have pretty nice cars. I know it won't really matter in a year though.
5. Not yet!
6. I don't really have a dream car, I just want something modern and affordable.
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