Kat (house_of_bone) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hot, hot, hot.

I did two loads of dishes (in the sink, the old-fashioned way) and about 20 minutes after I finished, my hot water heater started spewing hot water all over my basement. There's a little label next to the valve doing all the spewing that tells me it's some sort of pressure release valve. I called my husband, who couldn't help because he's at work. The landlord didn't answer either. We've lived here two years and this has never happened so I'm kind of concerned.

1) Should I be worried about this?
2) Is there a way to make it stop?

ETA: After about 35 minutes of soaking my basement, the water has slowed to a controllable trickle. But I'd still like to hear anyone else's answers/experiences.

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