RIA. (__ria) wrote in thequestionclub,

okay, i thought this might be fun since TQC seems to be on the -dead- side as of recently. they say that friends are the family (relatives) that God forgot to give you. so imagine if you COULD pick your relatives.. out of all of the members of thequestionclub who would you pick to be your family? say.. as a brother, as a sister, an aunt, an uncle.. a mother/father? pick as many as you'd like.

i'd keep my parents, lol. i'd pick thegreatone0381 to be my brother, aerynmoo to be my older sister, pageless would be my aunt on my dad's side i never got to see, lol. pelomalo would be my cousin, gonepishing would be my youngest boy cousin, firefly062 would be my cousin who i don't know that well but i do know that she's very smart and attending Harvard, wookiewife would be my cool aunt back in Cali. rudezombie would be my one and only uncle, and last but not least, hersecretsmile would be my step-cousin, haha.
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