misss_marilyn (misss_marilyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

stufff and things

So im at work and the office is bloody freezing. Even with a fur lined sweater and tweed pants and a blanket im shivering(my office is conviently located near the front door where people are in and out all day) so im makin some tea
I usually only drink green tea and im out so my choices are as follows. Chammomile, licorice spice, mango passionfruit, wild black currant and apple cinnamon.
1) What kind should i have?
2) Or since they are all seemingly crap, should i just drink the hot water?- i do that often-

and secondly
I just bought a new car- Black 2003 Eclipse and i need a name for him. I dont like giving cars girl names. My last cars name was The Loon
3) Any suggestions for what i could cleverly call my sexy new car?

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