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Tell me about your landlord woes. question form:

What sucks about your residency?
Is your landlord as much of a wanker as mine is?

 Mine sucks. Our fuse box basically blew up yesterday ( slight dramatisation) We can't turn on our fuse for the hot water. It overheated last night and the wires are now fried. All the switches are warped. The shower sucks- water sprays everywhere. The pipes between my brothers room and the bathroom leak every so often. The cupboards in the kitchen never close properly. You can't open the linen cupboard in the hallway completely as the smoke alarm they installed blocks it. Said smoke alarm went off last night when the fuses blew, which isn't a bad thing, but it only went off for 30 seconds then decided to stop working. They refuse to put a roller door on our garage.  3 days ago the water went brown for 3 hours.

I hate them. severly. The electricion still hasn't turned up and it's 8pm!  I can't wait to move.  The landlord basically doesn't care. The real estate doesn't care. Neither of them have done anything about the above problems. It's driving us insane.
Luckily they lost our rental agreement. So, they can go fuck themselves when we decide to leave one day.

i'll be back to edit this later. i have much more abuse to get off my chest. =|

ETA- The bathroom sink is falling apart. Literally. I leant on it one day to shave my legs and it nearly collapsed, I just backed away slowly.
The bath/shower is coming apart from the walls. There is a water pipe underneath our garage (that is cement!) that is leaking..we're in level 5 water restrictions..WHY they don't fix this is beyond me. Our rent was recently increased by $13 per week. We have a deadbolt on the front door but the sliding chain is broken, it has been since we moved in and he wont fix it. We have ONE power socket thingy in our kitchen. This is greaaattt as it means our stove/fridge/etc are all plugged into one of those big boards and will probably one day start a fire.
The apartment is too 60's for it's own good.




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