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on thai food, little things, and happiness

what is something that has happened recently that has made you irrepressibly, face-splitting-grin happy? tell me good stories. i don't necessarily need cheering up, but my friends have been unloading tons of negative feelings recently and i need to know that not everyone in the world is miserable.

last night i was woe with the weight of the world (alliteration!) and was lurking in my favorite coffee place trying to study for psych. when i got up to leave, one of my favorite baristas was all "aww don't leave, i was about to go on my lunch and hang out with you!" leading to being fed 4-star thai orange chicken and rice and talking about nothing (including an in-depth discussion about using chopsticks). ♥

oh, and i'm making friends with this girl who i thought was terribly angry in my english class. turns out she just looks sullen when she's bored. and another of my favorite baristas gave me my drink free tonight.

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