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this is prompted by the last poster. i don't want to steal your thunder, but you reminded me of something that i've always wanted more opinions on.

is it a turnoff when you find out that your partner isn't very domestic? for example, they're not very effective at washing dishes, don't know how to fold laundry, don't know simple health things about food [no cross contamination, the dangers of botchulism], don't know simple little handy household tips? do you "blame" it on how they were brought up? how do you handle those types of situations? do you try to help them to be more domestic? do they get angry that you're trying to change them?

for those who prefer ladies: is it a turnoff or a turnon when a girl knows her way around a car?

does anyone remember the TV show that briefly showed on MTV, clone high? did you like it?

tell me about your least favorite school picture, and why it was so terrible. post pictures, if you have them!

what do you do to de-stress?

1. yes, but it's something that i'd be willing to work on. it's a turnoff because i was brought up to be very self-sufficient and it makes me feel weird that people my age aren't the same way. i'd try to handle it by giving some gentle hints and helping and eventually having them do it themselves.

2. i know a little bit about cars; enough to keep a level head if i were stranded anywhere. i know how to check the fluids and all that, but i like someone who is very smart about cars to be over my shoulder to make sure that i don't open the antifreeze and burn my face off, or something. i have a very intense emergency car kit, too. :) sadly, my car is frozen now, so i can't drive it anyhow so i can't get stranded anywhere.

3. yes, and i loooveeddd it!

4. eighth grade. ewwww. i had gotten my braces on two days before, and i decided that red rubber bands would be a good idea becuase i could match them with the shirt that i was planning to wear on picture day. i also had pretty bad acne in middle school, and my picture turned out TERRRRRRRIIBBBLLLYYY. my whole face is so red, my shirt is red, and my teeth look so weird because i've got enough metal in my mouth to attract a fridge from ten feet away and the wire that goes into each brace is doing all of these silly bends and oh gosh it was so gross. also, that's when i decided that sky blue eyeliner was a good idea. it certainly was not.

5. cry, watch tv, play with my hamster, make some spaghetti, go to the fish store and make intense wish lists in my head.
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