:) (ohlife) wrote in thequestionclub,


- Do you own any cats? How many?
Yep, I have one siamese/himalayan mix named Tokyo. He's a little over a year old.

- Is it weird that so many people have multiple cats, but single dogs?
I think so; dogs are the more social animals after all...

- Do you think single cats or multiple cats are better if you're gone during the day?
I think Tokyo is fine since he sleeps while I'm away, but I am thinking of getting one more kitten this year.

- Have you introduced a new cat to your old one before? Do you think it's better to introduce a kitten or an adult?
I'm torn on this one. The kitten wouldn't threaten Tokyo as much since he wouldn't be territorial yet, but the adult would have a developed personality and may not harass him as much by racing all over the house. Plus, seeing adult cats in the shelter tugs at my heart strings since I know that the majority of them won't ever leave. :(

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